Prepare for an Attack with this Infographic and the Walking Dead Season Three

 - Oct 15, 2012
References: timerazor & fomo.timerazor
Many viewers were glued to their television sets to watch the premiere for the Walking Dead Season 3 on Sunday, October 14. It was epic, it was gruesome and it was filled with hungry flesh eaters.

If you find yourself worried about a zombie apocalypse after watching Rick and the others fight their way through a living dead-infested prison on the show, then this Zombie preparation guide is sure to help you out. The infographic explains key items that you should stock up on and make sure are in your survival pack when you find yourself on the run from curdling night walkers. It also provides a handy list of movies to watch and take notes on, all of which are horror-filled zombie flicks that will provide you with insight on what terrifying dilemmas you might face.

So now, with your newly acquired pointers and the tips you may have received from the Walking Dead Season 3 premier, you will be ready to kick some serious butt if the time ever comes when the living dead roam the earth.