'Wald' by Jurgen Heckel is Magical and Mysterious

 - Feb 1, 2012
References: monohr & behance.net
Forests such as the one captured in the photo series titled 'Wald' by Jurgen Heckel are magical places filled with breathtaking beauty and mystery. It is no wonder why so many fairytales take place in forests. The German-based photographer has managed to capture the quiet quality of this particular woodland so masterfully that it makes his audience feel as though they are standing in the exact same spot he was when he shot it.

Dark and light at the same time, Wald by Jurgen Heckel was shot on a foggy day. The light filtering through the trees is ghostly, but each still is filled with a richness that portrays how lush the land is, despite the bare branches and fallen leaves.