Wafflepwn Continues His Hilarious YouTube Series About Stephen

 - Nov 9, 2011
References: wafflepwnvideo & youtube
It's been years since Wafflepwn first posted up a hilarious and shocking video of his brother Stephen on YouTube angrily bashing his head in with a shoe and allegedly sodomizing himself with a TV remote after his mom canceled his World of Warcraft subscription, but this hot-headed teen has yet to learn how to control his rage.

In the latest webisode of Wafflepwn's 'Greatest Freakout Ever' series, Stephen, whose been taking cooking lessons, refuses to clean up after himself despite his mom's wishes. The situation escalates as Stephen takes his parents' pottery and cooking utensils and launches them into a tree. The laugh-inducing episode ends with Stephen's annoyed father chasing him down for his temper-fueled actions.

Though the Wafflepwn videos have most likely moved into scripted territory, it's still hilarious to see the ultra defensive Stephen trying to win logical arguments through pure fits of rage.