The Vug Museum Features Repeated Triangular Cavities for a Complex Form

 - Mar 7, 2014
References: linkedin & suckerpunchdaily
The elaborate architecture of the Vug Museum and Artist Residency accurately represents the intricacies of the activities inside of it. This concept for a creative institute in New York state would contain public and private quarters for various purposes that would, in some ways, overlap.

Kevin Freitas Conlin suggests a compound structure of broad pyramid-like masses that come together and peak in clusters. The sloped exterior walls are then treated to great triangular cavities that were inspired by the crystal-filled geodes of cliffs and caves. These geometric apertures let sunlight in, functioning as light wells for open courtyards and windows and skylights for the interior. The particular patterns that one will observe on the Vug Museum and Artist Residency building enable you to decode the inner program of dorms versus exhibition and studio space.