'AltspaceVR' is a Platform That Fosters Romantic VR Experiences

'AltspaceVR' is a virtual reality game looking to get users that much closer to their favorite VR experiences. The possibilities are almost endless, however some are using the medium to connect with their long-distance lovers. As 'AltspaceVR' is made for a customized VR experiences, one couple was able to connect and be in the "same room" for the first time in months. Users are able to choose their own avatars, which range from cartoon humans to adorable robots.

While multiplayer role play games are nothing new, the options allowed through VR give users the opportunity to explore together and choose their own activity, from building to just hanging out. As Nathan Grayson explains, he and his girlfriend built their own room and watched movies on a theater screen together. The two later explored some more, including a date at a virtual medieval pub and a hangout inside of a dangerous maze.

Although the avatars are not particularly realistic and the couple was not physically closer to one another, the 'AltspaceVR' experience allowed them to connect and fuel conversation. Resembling a digital couples retreat, this use of 'AltspaceVR' shows how virtual realities can be used to build and maintain real relationships.