Bartlett's Design Computation Lab Created the Voxel Chair

 - May 17, 2017
References: & dezeen
The Bartlett School of Architecture's Design Computation Lab (the DCL) recently created a new 3D-printed chair called the 'Voxel.' Named after volumetric pixels that have become the design standard in animation, the DCL's Voxel chair brings that digital concept into the physical world with the help of extrusion.

What separates Voxel's 3D printing technique from others is that it uses a single, continuous strand of material. Generally, 3D printing involves building objects up layer by layer. Thanks to new software designed by the DCL, the Voxel chair can be 3D-printed without having to separate the polymer strand at any point. The end result is an airy, latticed structure that is both modern and comfortable.

The Voxel chair is inspired by the famous Verner Panton chair, and it expands off of a previous project they worked on called the CurVoxel.