Ruby Aldridge Stars in the Vogue Mexico December 2013 issue

I'm sure Ruby Aldridge has a winning smile, but you wouldn't be able to tell from the 'Iconina' editorial for the Vogue Mexico December 2013 issue. The model perfects her blank stare, almost turning the pages to ice with her calculated stoicism. Her severe gaze was captured by Thomas Cooksey, while the beauty team consisted of stylist Keegan Singh, hair expert Bryce Scarlett, make-up master Alexa Rodulfo and nail artist Kelly B.

Alridge's aloof stance makes her incredibly intimidating; not to mention her perfectly put-together wardrobe. Singh has outfitted her in a series of of fur-trimmed ensembles, from a blush-pink fur jacket to leather jumpsuit with a furry collar. Both the fashion and Aldridge's withdrawn ice-queen vibe are unflappable for the Vogue Mexico December 2013 issue.