This Vogue Cropped T-Shirt by Fancy Vogue is Sassy

 - Jan 6, 2013
References: thefancy
The Vogue Cropped T-Shirt by Fancy Vogue allows individuals an opportunity to let their inner critic out. Most often individuals suppress these inner feelings and their true attitudes towards individuals.

Taking full advantage of puns and idioms, the Vogue Cropped T-Shirt by Fancy Vogue proclaims that anyone who lays eyes on the shirt has issues. More issues than Vogue whose monthly magazines began publishing in 1892, that is.

Everyone has issues and problems, but as this shirt suggests some have more than others. One less issue to worry about is the conditions this shirt is made under, as this particular shirt is produced in Turkey under ethical working conditions. Without having to open your month, this shirt will express your feelings about people and their immense collection of issues.