Virtuoso Violin Machine

 - Aug 23, 2006
References: qrsmusic & luxurylaunches
Your audio system can't match the purity of a real violin. That's why Paroutaud Music Laboratories released the $17,500 Virtuoso Violin Machine. "Developed by Paroutaud Music Laboratories, the Virtuoso violin was invented by TV and film scorer Fred Paroutaud and the late Dr. Thomas Paine, administrator of NASA during the Apollo moon flights and the former president of Northrop Corporation"

From the Product Page:
- It's an acoustic violin.
- It's MIDI compatible
- It plays itself
- It plays with expression and subtlety.
- Its bow moves delicately across the string, mimicking actual hand movement
- Its bow is actually playing the violin.
- It will both astonish and please you or any of your friends and family that see and hear it play.