Our Next Virtual Wallets

 - Aug 30, 2008
References: abcnews.go
According to a 2004 ABC news article, cell phones were long ago predicted to become our “virtual wallets.” Now, in ’2008, it seems that this prediction may actually occur. Can you imagine heading to the mall with only your mobile? Forget the wallet, purse, clutch, money clip, and plastic credit cards. In the near future, they may not be necessary anymore. (Do I hear less credit card debt?? – SWEET.)

A chip in your phone would link it directly to your bank account. Don'’t worry -- your online banking account will be readily available via celly as well, so you'’ll never overdraft. As the ABC article suggests, we may also soon be able to purchase our latest duds while lazily crashed on our couches.

With today'’s fresh technology, it’'s completely possible for our TV’s and cell phones to “chat.” Will this ease of spending make Americans spend more, or will it finally help crunch out evil credit card debt? Will it drastically change the handbag industry? Only time will tell.