in Every Major City

 - Nov 6, 2007
References: getavirtualoffice
Working in your jammies is becoming very popular, but sometimes business from home can hurt your corporate image.

"It can be tough to get respect from potential clients - and even your own family. They just might not see your business as a 'real' one, no matter how successful it may be. When clients know you work from home, they'll likely want to pay less. Why? They'll think you have low overhead, and they'll want you to pass that 'savings' along to them."

If you like to mix it up, you can now have an office in every major city via This isn't a second life office, this is real estate with mail delivery and phone service and everything. Monthly rent for six or 12 month periods.

"Imagine working from your suburban home outside New York City, for example, but having a prestigious Manhattan address and phone number (or any of our other amazing locations)," Getavirtualoffice explains.

"When a client calls you at your Manhattan phone number (the call is automatically forwarded to your home office or cell phone) or when they messenger a package over, they'll have no idea that you are not really in a big office building in midtown."

C'mon, be a tycoon! Move your office every six months.