This Selfie and Video Mirror Monitors Home Security and Plays Music

The Selfie Mirror does it all, from being a photo and video mirror to providing webcam surveillance when the Selfie Mirror's owner is away from home.

The multi-purpose Selfie Mirror first and foremost does what its name advertises: it takes professional-quality photographs for uploading to social media. It's also a video mirror, meaning that it can record footage to be uploaded to a video blog or YouTube channel. But it goes well beyond simple selfie functions. The Selfie Mirror is also equipped with hi-fi to play music, and can be connected to smart home devices like temperature control and video doorbells. When the Selfie Mirror's owner is away from home, it can be converted into a video surveillance device, providing footage and reports on what is going on inside the empty house.

The Selfie Mirror gives a glimpse into a future where, thanks to the Internet of Things, every item in a home might be interconnected and offer multi-purpose smart capabilities.