The Pixel Kingdom's Video Game of Thrones Mashes Up Zelda with GOT

 - Jun 18, 2014
References: youtube & en.rocketnews24
Video Game of Thrones: The Legend of Zelda by The Pixel Kingdom on YouTube is a mashup between two very well-known fantasy worlds. In the animation, the 8-bit Legend of Zelda world is transformed into a Game of Thrones-style opening, showing various parts of the Hyrule kingdom, complete with buildings that slowly pop up out from various types of terrain.

Just like in the actual Game of Thrones opening, none of the show's characters are shown, but you can imagine just how much more ruthless characters like Ganondorf, Link and Zelda would be. As The Pixel Kingdom humorously notes: "A Hero of Time always pays his debts." Although there are definitely similarities between Game of Thrones and the Legend of Zelda games, respawning after a death in Westeros sure doesn't happen like it does in Hyrule.