Vibroy Vibration Portable Speaker Makes Anything a Music Player

 - Oct 26, 2011
References: thinkgeek & gadgetsin
A simple solution for cheap speakers comes in the form of the Vibroy Vibration Portable Speaker, which operates in an unconventional way.

Even though the Vibroy Vibration Portable Speaker doesn't look like what its name says it is, it does actually project sound; but not from itself. What this device actually does is transform everyday items into speakers. How? One end goes into a 3.5mm audio jack while the other end sticks into an object and amplifies the sound via acoustics. So, if for example, you wanted to make a carton of milk or a bowl play some tunes, the Vibroy Vibration will make it possible.

Don't expect the Vibroy Vibration to support music for a party because it's not built for maximum projection; however, it's a smart, clever design that is sure to make your audio experience more interesting.