Swatch and Paul Graves Team Up for a Vibrant Series of Print Ads

 - Apr 10, 2011
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Swatch recently teamed up with photographer Paul Graves to refresh the brand's advertising campaign by blurring the lines of the products' function. Graves' photographs embody a crisp, vibrant advertising endeavor. The iconic brand Swatch has opted for a more abstract, simple campaign that focuses on its products more closely. These particular photographs capture alternative uses for a simple watchstrap.

In one image, Paul Graves captures a Swatch-covered hand and wrist employing the straps as a lasso; another features a sculpture of a head completely constructed of Swatch straps. The next image showcases Swatch straps wrapped tightly like a basket. These photographs show the Swatch brand as more fashion-centric; the trinkets have been transformed into sculptural pieces of art.

The vibrant colors of the Swatch straps coupled with the rich blackness of the background allow these photographs to truly pop and captivate the viewer. Although few of these advertisements have hit magazines and other fashion streams, from what has been released thus far, this collaboration between Swatch and Paul Graves is sure to prove fruitful and grab international attention.

Along with photographer Paul Graves, creative director Alex Wiederin's Swatch campaign will be published in the April issue of Swiss magazine Faces.