The Sea-Bound VEY Yacht Has the Grace and Elegance of a Scarf in the Wind

 - Apr 19, 2013
References: yankodesign
For many designers, the standard streamlined plan of a luxury boat often dictates the look of the deck. It's very unusual to see something like the VEY Yacht, which seems to assume a completely alien form.

JungJun Park was contemplating the way in which a neck scarf billows delicately in the wind and strove to capture that graceful shape. This was translated into a dramatic and sculptural enclosure for the hull of the magnificent motorboat.

The exquisite and sinuous form envelopes the sides of the VEY Yacht and folds together beautifully to create a stern canopy. The body of the boat beneath it mirrors this shape to produce a sloping deck with stairs, ideal for sunbathing.