Venom Stools Blend an Unlikely Pairing of Sci-Fi and Origami

 - Dec 19, 2012
References: jurmol & yankodesign
Jurmol Yao’s science fiction-inspired Venom stool is reminiscent of a twisted virus that oozed out of a movie, both menacing and alluring. The shiny leather-like material is actually a combination of metals and carbon fiber, making this an ultra lightweight seat. Infatuated with his twisted design, Jurmol Yao speaks affectionately of poisonous creation.

Though the designer struggled to solidify the final shape of the chair, feeling that viruses should be more dynamic, the convulsing nature of crinkled paper in origami seemed a perfect match to the sci-fi virus. The Venom stool is not a triangle, but features three protruding rectangular pieces that force the user to straddle in order to take a seat. The tripod legs of Jurmol Yao’s designs highlights the curvaceous features that balance the rigidity of the seat.