The Venice Art Biennale 'Breath' is a Nude Pregnant Woman Sculpture

 - Jun 4, 2013
References: marcquinn & designboom
Famous British artist and sculpture Marc Quinn designed the interestingly distorted sculpture 'Breath' showcasing an 8-month pregnant bald woman for the Venice Art Biennale.

The Venice Art Biennale's 'Breath' marble sculpture explores the human body's anatomy and the relation between the figure, art and science. The pregnant woman's body is phocolemic, meaning that her limbs are naturally disfigured and/or missing. The sculpture remains entirely nude, embracing the natural disfiguration of the body. The contrast between the short legs, the lack of arms and the protruding belly are striking and unusual. At shockingly 11 meters tall, this sculpture is breathtakingly provocative and a replica structure of the marble Alison Lapper.

Though 'Breath' raises positive awareness and praise for phocolemic bodies, the provocative nature of the sculpture's nudity is causing tension for being located in a public Italian market space.

Photo Credits: designboom, marcquinn