Coloumn Five's Visual Graphic of Vegan Talk Habits is Hilariously True

 - Feb 7, 2013
References: columnfivemedia
This comical visual graphic regarding vegan talk depicts a hilarious truth that is not widely mentioned or talked about. The graphic visually scales the subject matter vegans stereotypically talk about by diving it into "being vegan" and "others," and allocating about a 95% to the "being vegan."

From personal interactions with vegans, I can in fact concur the claims of this illustration. However, it is clearly a stereotype at best. One must also take into consideration that being a vegan isn't simply a minor choice. Turning vegan is a complete lifestyle change and this very way of being affects almost all aspects of life. Therefore, even though annoying to some, it should not be surprising that many vegans' conversations do in fact relate back to being vegan, as many of their daily interactions do.