V-Grits' Vegan Meal Packages Use the Freshest Produce and Ingredients

 - Jan 21, 2016
References: vgrits & courier-journal
The V-Grits food truck operated by vegan chef Kristina Addington has served countless delicious vegan meals to customers, but many of them wished they could eat that sort of food more often -- this prompted Addington to create a vegan recipe kit meal service called the V-Box, which will soon offer nationwide service.

Each V-box will include a trio of recipes created by Addington as well as the ingredients needed to make the meal. These will include fresh produce and grains as well as spices measured to perfection, so you don't have to think too much about the proportions of your ingredients.

Many people want to go vegan but find it difficult due to the complicated nature of locating and working with vegan-only ingredients. This is where the V-Grits V-boxes come in, as they let you cook vegan food at home with no fuss.