Veg of the Day is a Blog That Showcases Paper-Made Vegetables

 - Jun 1, 2014
References: pollylindsay & foodiggity
A graphic design graduate from Falmouth University named Polly Lindsay started a blog called 'Veg of the Day.' The blog is only in its beginning stages, but so far it features unique cut-out versions of popular and colorful vegetables.

The artist came up with the concept through her exploration of combining graphic design with handcrafted design, illustration and typography. She claims to have most recently become fascinated with paper craft and you can tell, considering she dedicated a blog to it.

Lindsay uses layers of paper, which she spaces out and tiers, to re-imagine produce in paper form. They are intricate and vibrant but at the same time, they are minimalist images of simple foods like avocados, onions and red peppers.