The Vector Hawk Unmanned Aircraft is Suitable for a Variety of Missions

 - May 15, 2014
References: lockheedmartin & gizmag
The Vector Hawk is aerospace giant Lockheed Martin's latest addition to its fleet of small, compact unmanned aircraft systems.

The aircraft is designed in a modular fashion and can switch between three different configurations -- fixed-wing, vertical takeoff-and-landing and tilt-rotor. In fixed-wing mode, the craft can be either hand launched or launched by folding the wings back and launching the craft from a tube. The vertical takeoff-and-landing and tilt-rotor modes can be launched from land or water.

The Vector Hawk is just 10 centimeters tall and weighs 4 pounds, and is able to carry a payload of 0.75 pounds. It can fly and land autonomously and is equipped with 3G, 4G and LTE cellular communication capability.

The aircraft is also largely inaudible and is waterproof, allowing it to be used at sea and in a range of weather conditions.