These Valentino x Zoolander Mannequins Celebrate the Comedy Sequel

 - Feb 5, 2016
These Valentino x Zoolander mannequins are exact, life-sized replicas of actors Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson. In celebration of the upcoming Zoolander 2 release, the luxury label adorned the windows of its Rome flagship with a pop culture-themed display.

Holding dynamic poses, the Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson replicas showcase pieces from Valentino's latest menswear range while simultaneously promoting the upcoming theatrical release. Zoolander 2 will open in theaters on February 12, 2016 and is sure to resonate with Zoolander fans who are curious to know what the future of Derek Zoolander and Hansel holds.

This impromptu window display is a genius marketing stunt for both the Zoolander film franchise and the Valentino brand, whose focus has been on targeting a younger market since the retirement of its founder.