This Valentine's Poem with Picture is Witty and Endearing

 - Feb 13, 2013
References: imgur & obviouswinner
This hilarious Valentine's poem with a clever picture is a witty commentary on the life of the X-Men character Cyclops.

The drawing is done in crayon with poor drawing skills, but that is what gives it endearing charm. It looks as though a child created it, but its brilliant demeanor says otherwise.

The confection teases the fact that Cyclops only sees red because of his mutant ability. It also parodies the popular "Roses are Red" poem that has been the victim of many facetious remixes.

Valentine's cards and love notes that mock the couples only day are incredibly popular. They not only appeal to singles, but also couples as almost anyone can relate to being alone and bitter on Valentine's Day. This brilliant card fits perfectly with this wave of anti-Valentines propaganda.