The Uqora UTI Remedy is Designed to Lower Risks with Vitamins

 - Aug 21, 2015
References: refinery29
Health brand Uqora has come up with an all-natural UTI remedy to help prevent future bladder and urine infections with vitamins. The all-natural supplement is a pre-made powder that can be poured into drinks to help reduce the likelihood of contraction.

Contracting a UTI is often a painful and unpleasant experience that is often treated with antibiotics from the doctor. Thanks to Uqora, frequent suffers can now take a drink mix to avoid contracting the bacterial infection all together. The blend is made from a mix of carbohydrates and vitamins that work together to boost immunity and reduce UTI-forming bacteria inside the urethra. Thanks to Uqora's easy to consume format, users can drink the beverage before sexual activity to prevent an infection.