TEMPer Simplies Data Tracking

 - Sep 28, 2007
References: usbfever & ohgizmo
The Temper USB thermometer records current room temperates that can automatically be uploaded to a spreadsheet when plugged into your computer. Though I'm not too sure why this data would be useful, it got my mind going on a a USB thermometer that could sell like hot cakes.

Imagine a body thermometer that would track your temperature for you. Though it would be useful for monitoring fevers and other health concerns, I see it as the easiest possible way to monitor your monthly menstrual cycle. Women who opt out of taking oral contraceptives often rely on body temperature regulation to monitor the stages of their cycle. This type of device would really simplify the process. Those looking to conceive could rely on it in a similar way, tracking when she is most fertile.

If she chooses to share her data, guys could benefit from this one too -- imagine knowing exactly when she'll be moodiest! You'll know when to be extra nice, when to anticipate a little something something on her friskier days, and when to avoid the house completely.