'GoGirl' Lets Ladies Pee More Like Gents

 - Feb 19, 2009
References: go-girl
Just adjust your clothing and hold GoGirl gently against your body to form a seal. Aim and urinate.  GoGirl’s clearly a snap to use. But we suggest you practice at home a time or two at home so you’re confident and ready to go wherever the urge strikes. If there’s leakage, you’re not sealing it against you. Try again. The second time’s a charm.

Ever had to go so bad you could taste it? Ever had to go so bad you would be willing to whip out a can of GoGirl and pee into a funnel? GoGirl is perfect for the active woman. Since urine is sterile, the GoGirl can be reused, but if you can’t get over the ewwww factor, there is a baggie to toss the GoGirl after use. One frugal but slightly lazy user said the GoGirl stood up to her dishwasher.