The What Happened Bandages from Urban Outfitters Makes Your Cuts Cool

 - May 13, 2011
References: urbanoutfitters & thefancy
Nine times out of ten, when you get a cut, scrape or anything that requires a bandage, the story isn't as awesome as you hoped. The What Happened Bandages from Urban Outfitters are a great conversation starter that turns you into the cool guy, despite the lame story behind your paper cut.

No one wants to hear about your toe stub or your shaving wound, but a ninja fight or shark attack are extremely interesting. The What Happened bandages are bright and bold, so anyone who notices your injury will know right away what kind of danger you got yourself into.

Next time you happen to injure yourself, put one of these on before you head to your next social gathering and become the life of the party--I just hope your storytelling skills are good.