The LACMA Campus is Expressed as a Three-Dimensional Sketch

 - Oct 10, 2012
References: suckerpunchdaily
A thoughtful architect will first ponder the tools available to him before diving into a design. The Unravelled LACMA Campus proposal has certainly been conceived with such fundamental considerations as it manifests in a rather unconventional way.

Fernando Herrera set the notion of surfaces and planes aside in favor of celebrating the invaluable role that the line plays in defining spaces. Strands of structure begin to enclose certain areas and open up in others, becoming both the ceilings and the walls but remaining in a separate class of their own.

The whole project takes shape as a colossal sculpture, encompassing the entire college grounds in a tangled mass, rather than as a cluster of assorted buildings. The Unravelled LACMA Campus would encourage occupants to rethink their relationships with their built environment.