'Unpaid Intern' Cuts Time By Creating 3D Thematic Variations

 - Jul 26, 2016
References: juliusingemann & fastcodesign
The 'Unpaid Intern' is Julius Ingemann Breitenstein's answer to the incredibly frustrating back-and-forth process between professional designers and their clients. In what design pros term the "ideation stage," designers bring their initial concept and clients give feedback. However, clients without design backgrounds might ask for a "sleeker look" or something with "more pop;" vague, subjective terms that force designers to spend time on concept tweaks that might be totally off base. Though still in development, Unpaid Intern hopes to eliminate much of this busywork by creating infinite variations on whichever initial design it takes as input.

Unpaid Intern's name comes from its ability to eliminate design work that would otherwise be relegated to eager students. It works through the use of "genetic algorithms" that help guide teams along "desire paths" when collaborating on a concept. Unpaid Intern is not meant to deliver finished products, but rather to help give designers an idea of what's in their clients' heads.