The United Nations Project by Wenda Gu is Mind-Boggling

 - Nov 29, 2013
References: wendagu &
At first glance, the United Nations Project looks like a touching art installation that centers around some beautiful calligraphy. In a way, it is. But until a person witnesses it up close, they will be missing its full glory. Those characters weren't created using ink and brush. Instead, they were formed with real human hair. Taking into consideration just how large the installation is, that's a lot of hair.

Created by Wenda Gu, the United Nations Project is named so because he picked up the hair from nearly 325 hair salons and barbershops in 18 countries. As written on the Chinese artist's website, the United Nations Project is "an ongoing global art project for the twenty-first century since 1993 over 2 million people world-wide have donated their hair to this project."