This Unique Pen Doubles as a Handy Hair Accessory

 - Nov 6, 2015
References: coolpencilcase
Pens, pencils and an assortment of other writing utensils are often used as hair accessories in a pinch, but this unique pen aims to serve two purposes equally.

The 'Funky Hairclip Retractable Pen' comes in a range of colors and patterns that make it look more like a hair accessory and disguise it as a pen. The only indicators of its second purpose are the button on one and the writing tip on the pointed end of the clip.

Since it's handy to have a hairclip and a pen on hand at all times, this is a clever combination of items, especially since both of these objects tend to be misplaced from time to time. In addtion to being a two-in-one tool, hybrid items like these save space and reduce the number of items that need to be carried.