Shea Serrano and Bun B’s Book is Transformed from Tumblr

Shea Serrano and legendary rapper Bun B have collaborated to bring kids the new Rap Coloring and Activity Book. Shea Serrano had already released some of his rapper-inspired creations on various forms of social media, but it was only recently that the idea of a children’s book came to life when Abrams Books picked up the project.

An important part of the project was showing a different side of rappers. As Serrano says, "We didn't want to do something half-heartedly and Bun wanted to show that rappers are different people when they’re not posturing for a camera." It’s a far cry from some of the lyrics these rappers are prone to spitting, and it is a great idea to introduce the more positive side of hip-hop. The Rap Coloring and Activity Book is a great creation that should inspire both knowledge and creative growth.