The Drain Weasel Can Unclog Drains without the Need for a Plumber

 - Jan 31, 2017
References: amazon & odditymall
A clogged drain often requires a plumber to snake it, but the Drain Weasel is a new device that can unclog drains by the homeowner without the need for a professional.

Utilizing a long wand, the Drain Weasel works by being pushed down the drain to grasp onto hair clogs in order to quickly get the water flowing again.

The Drain Weasel features a handle that makes rotating the wand simple without having to stick your hands into any water or down the drain.

The Drain Weasel is a versatile piece of equipment to unclog drains in a sink or bathtub and can pay for itself after a single use when it prevents you from having to call in a plumber for service.