The Center of This Pint is Packed with Unbaked Brownie Batter

 - Mar 9, 2016
References: benjerry & refinery29
Ben & Jerry's recently introduced a new ice cream treat that contains a solid core of unbaked brownie batter. The decadent new treat is the latest addition to the 'Cores' line, which consists of premium ice cream packed around an edible core center.

The new Brownie Batter Core dessert consists of chocolate and vanilla ice cream mixed with chewy fudge brownies. For an extra special treat, the middle of the pint is packed with unbaked brownie batter. The brownie batter runs straight down the middle of the pint so consumers can enjoy the delicious treat as they unearth each layer of ice cream.

Not only does the new dessert indicate the expansion of the existing Cores line, but it also signals the return of the previously retired Brownie Batter ice cream flavor.