Umbrella Stand by Wiktoria Szawiel Welcomes the Dew of Drenched Parasols

 - Jul 14, 2012
The Umbrella Stand by Wiktoria Szawiel is a delightful combination of contemporary design and a playful reference to natural forms. It somewhat abstractly mimics the shapes and colors of a lush lawn that's rising up from well-nourished soil.

A couple dozen plexi stripes, treated to rounded tips, were used to construct the whimsical perimeter of the basket. Since the material is sold as flat pieces of polymer the designer needed to heat up each picket, enabling a process of creating sinuous curves and waves. The effect produced makes the cluster of stalks look like magnified blades of grass dancing in the breeze.

This Umbrella Stand by Wiktoria Szawiel would brighten up any front foyer significantly with its vivid green hues and its fun fluid forms. It happens to look its best with wet parasols inside, leaving what could appear to be dewdrops on the sides of the bin.