Modified Fiat 500 Pepita

 - Mar 3, 2008   Updated: Mar 24 2011
This modified Fiat 500 Pepita luxury car from Italy is painted with 24k gold and allows you to customize the interior with crocodile, snake, shark, skate or lizard lather.

For 60,000 Euros, you can choose from a wide variety of precious stones with which to embed the gearshift, hand brake, and pedals. You also get luxurious cashmere floor mats.

Pinch me!

Implications - The Fiat 500 Pepita is an example of the ultra-lavish, extravagant form of luxury that is growing more and more popular amongst the wealthy consumer. The end of the recession has caused consumers to seek new ways to celebrate. Extravagant purchases provide an antidote to the months of ration and logical thought, allowing consumers to indulge and spend.