The UKF Immersion Embodies the Future of Efficient Transportation

 - Dec 13, 2013
The current generation is endlessly absorbed in personal devices, so what hope is there for carpooling at the moment? The UKF Immersion for 2027 is an innovative concept car that's optimized for the individual, in ways that also improve on urban traffic efficiency and lessen the impact on the environment.

Andrew van der Merwe's UKF Fashion Vehicle has an ultra-compact cabin. The space fits a single driver and a very small amount of cargo; it's perfect for your drive to work each day. Approach the four-wheeled automobile from the front because the transparent domed roof flips up from large hinges. Tuck yourself into the UKF Immersion and discover a cozy environment that caters to your immediate needs. A cutting-edge dashboard and high-quality surround sound audio make driving the car an all-encompassing experience.