- Sep 24, 2008
References: uglydolls & nytimes
Uglydolls, a line of plush stuffed toys from Pretty Ugly LLC, have inspired an obsessed cult following. The Uglydolls were made in China in 2003 originally as a bizarre throw pillow of sorts, a conversation starter rather than a beloved toy all its own.

Uglydolls were first sold in the gift shops of the Whitney Museum of American Art and MoMA, Barneys, Toy Tokyo and Jim Hanley's Universe comics store. Since then, their popularity has skyrocketed to include fans of every age group and gender.

What makes Uglydolls so special is their uniqueness. Although the dolls are made in China, their faces are hand-sewn. That means no two dolls, even of the same character, look exactly alike. Their toothy grins, off-center eyes and missing facial features only add to the Uglydolls' charm.