This Japanese Artist Dyed a Bowl of Udon Noodles Pink and Blue

 - Aug 27, 2015
References: munchies.vice
Kurare is a Japanese artist who recently attracted a lot of media attention for his neon-colored udon noodles. While many chefs have blurred the lines between food and art, this bizarre noodle dish is perhaps the most impressive example of colorful food.

The dish features a series of udon noodles that are dyed various shades of pink, blue and purple. The noodles are swimming in a neon green broth and even contain two pieces of blue tofu on top. Kurare calls the dish 'electric noodles' and explains that the strange culinary creation was inspired by the game 'Splatoon.' While the dish may be inspired by popular culture, Kurare had to rely on his knowledge of biochemistry in order to create the neon-colored noodles.

The bizarre dish demonstrates that there is no shortage of young people committed to pushing the boundaries of food.