uCiC Helps People Find Out a Situation Without Venturing Out Themselves

 - Jan 27, 2015
References: ucic.vc
Voted the best new app at the recent Consumer Electronic Show, uCiC allows anyone using it to flex their Good Samaritan muscles. The uCiC app connects users in order for them to complete a specific picture or video request. For instance, one user can ask another if there is any milk left on a shelf in a particular supermarket or whether a road is accessible after a big storm.

Although there are already intrinsic value attached to using the uCiC app, the developers decided to attach a rewards system to make it even more interesting. By receiving Karma Points, people can use the uCiC app to make even more requests. uCiC encourages users to give as much as they receive. Its easy interface complements when uCiC stands for, 'you see I see.'