Receptionist Robot for Hire

 - Nov 24, 2006   Updated: Aug 22 2011
References: newscientisttech
The Tokyo-based Ubiquitous Exchange developed a robot called "Ubiko" that can answers questions, welcome visitors and carry objects. You can actually rent this robot for $445, they already tests these robots at a hospital in central Japan. The manager stated “If we look at these robots as advertising and public relations businesses, the price is quite cheap, actually.” The robot is barely aggressive weigh against to human helpers, with a decreasing population, like Japan.

Implications - Consumers are continually fascinated by the advancements in technology because of the way that it simplifies their lives. Products and designs that fuse technological advances and functionality will impress the consumer. Businesses should not only be concerned about being on the fore front of technological advances, but also stress the importance of functionality.