Photographer Ty Foster Captures Different Dogs in Mid-Lick

 - Oct 14, 2015
References: tyfoster & fastcocreate
The premise behind dog photographer and enthusiast Ty Foster's latest photo project was a relatively simple one -- give a dog a scoop of peanut butter and take a picture.

Of course it wasn't that overly simple, but nonetheless the end result is a charming collection of 91 different dog portraits captured in the middle of licking away a sticky peanut butter treat. The collection has actually now been put together with Knock Knock publishing for a photo book project simply titled 'Lick.'

Ty Foster was inspired to take on this interesting endeavor during a photoshoot for a client whose dog was becoming disinterested in the shoot. After giving the dog a treat of peanut butter, he captured the canine's humorous reaction, and decided the charming outtakes were good enough to repeat with a wide variety of other dogs.