Well and Good's Two Week Diet is Inspired by Author Marie Kondo

 - Feb 15, 2017
References: wellandgood
Marie Kondo is a best-selling Japanese author and home organization expert that inspired this unique two week diet plan by online publication Well and Good. Preaching a philosophy of consuming things that "spark joy," -- whether in regards to one's home, relationships or lifestyle choices -- the author's renowned KonMari method invites readers to de-clutter and organize every aspects of their lives.

Well and Good's unique two week diet adopts this same philosophy, but in regards to one's daily food consumption. Author Emily Laurence discusses her journey and shares how she realized that her body was more intuitive than expected.

Laurence describes her desire for nutrient-dense food items during the diet plan -- something she wouldn't think she would crave -- and invites readers to try a more lifestyle-focused approach to clean eating.