'Twisting Courtyard' Merges Interior and Exterior Spaces

 - Jun 9, 2017
References: archstudio.cn & dezeen
By its very tautology, architecture is a practice of delineating interior and exterior space, but 'Twisting Courtyard' works to subvert that notion. As its name states, the home's courtyard consists of undulating pavement that curves and bends, ultimately creating both exterior coverings and interior niches through the selfsame shapes.

Twisting Courtyard was designed by Arch Studio, a Beijing practice, and the family home was further built in the Chinese capital city. The curvaceous courtyard is a unique and modern feature, but much of the home's design pays tribute to the traditional history of the city. It is lain out in the same format as a traditional Siheyuan, which is a residential morphology common to Beijing's famous hutong neighborhoods and made necessary by those hutongs' narrow alleyways.