Kapil Bhimekar's Twist Card Shows How Limber Yoga Practitioners Can Become

 - Aug 25, 2011
References: behance.net & inspire.2ia.pl
As soon as you learn that the Twist Card was made specifically for a yoga instructor, your reaction will undoubtably be, "Oh yes, that makes complete sense" (or something along those lines, at least). A simple, bendy business card, it must be twisted in order to read all the information on it at once, hence its name.

Created by Kapil Bhimekar, the Twist Card was made for Danielle Abisaab, an instructor for over ten years who was looking to re-position herself in the yoga industry. The Twist Card isn't actually made out of an elastic material, despite how it works. Instead, it is made out of a non-tearable and flexible piece of paper. A playful business card, the Twist Card will definitely attract new yoga students.