The Twinkle Naptime Curtain is Space-Inspired and Whimsical

 - Oct 24, 2012
References: amazon & kidcrave
Have your baby seeing stars every time you lay them down for a nap with the Twinkle Naptime Curtain. This fantastic window covering will add some planetary whimsy to any nursery. These magical blinds might even inspire your young one to become an astronaut when they're older.

The Twinkle Naptime Curtain is inspired by the wonder that is the night's sky. It's a blackout curtain that has tiny star cutouts, which let just a little bit of light into your baby's room. According to Kid Crave, the product is actually designed to help a child sleep sounder and longer.

Even if you don't have a child, this would be a fun piece to have in your home if you love anything space-inspired.