Turbulence by Dr. Woohoo Charmingly Traces Triangles in Watercolor

 - Mar 25, 2014
References: drwoohoo & fastcodesign
Turbulence by Dr. Woohoo, a freelance designer and artist based in Mountain View, California, is an art performance that involves a robot, or, more specifically, a robotic arm. It has been programmed to impulsively trace triangles in charming red and blue watercolor paints, which converge together in a modern and abstract artwork that many would be hard-pressed not to appreciate.

The first in a series of experiments, Turbulence by Dr. Woohoo, who wanted to keep his identity hidden for more mystery, explores the relationship between artist and robot. It uses an effect known as Perlin Noise, which stimulates randomness for a more natural look. The installation revolves around a Universal Robot UR10 that has been outfitted with a two-fingered Robotiq gripper.