The Airsoft Turret Protects Your Leftovers

 - Apr 5, 2011
References: pyroelectro & walyou
Thieves will think twice about going after your baked goods if you keep them guarded with the Airsoft Turret. The Airsoft Turret was made by the DIY badasses over at PyroElectric and is a container modified to act as a remote-controlled Airsoft turret.

The Airsoft Turret fires small plastic BBs out of a modified electric Airsoft gun. The turret is controlled by a television remote control, making it easy to subtly attack unsuspecting enemies. If you posses the skill and the will, PyroElectric has posted a step-by-step walkthrough on how to make your own turret. Check out the video to see a mini-walkthrough and to see the turret in action. Stealing the cookies from the cookie jar may not be such a good idea anymore.