The Tunnel of Love is a Real-Life Fairytale Location

 - Nov 23, 2011
References: amusingplanet
These captivating photographs may seem to depict a digitally manipulated landscape, but the Tunnel of Love in the Ukraine is, in fact, a real place. As if jumping off the pages of your favorite Neil Gaiman novel, this fantastical site is rendered beautifully in these pictures from website AMUSING PLANET.

Located in Kleven, Ukraine, the Tunnel of Love is known as one of the most romantic train tunnels in the world, and yet very few people know much else about it, or have even heard of it at all. Imagine how it would feel to be on the train that passes through this enchanted forest, and to unknowingly discover this place of beauty for the first time. Upon entering, you might conceive a fairytale realm exists on the other side. The Tunnel of Love is the perfect destination for a picturesque, bohemian wedding, or an inspiring, leisurely stroll, so stop fantasizing about being there, and book your flight.